Step 5

Help Video: How to Hand Quilt

Now that you’ve finished the appliqué, you can get to quilting your wall hanging using the running stitch. Grab your needle (the larger of the two needles) and the embroidery floss included in your kit. The embroidery floss is made up of six threads, cut a piece of the floss like you did when threading your need for the appliqué pieces, and then remove three of the strings. This will leave you with one strand, made up of three threads - use this for the hand quilting portion.

Tie a knot in the thread just as you did before, then bring your needle up through the fabric from the bottom and make a stitch to the left or right of where the thread came through. Now just repeat this process! When you’re done you can tie off the thread the same way you did with the appliqué.

You can freehand your design or plan it out using scotch tape and use the tape as your guide!

Some examples:

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