I’ve been a making things for about as long as I can remember - charging my parents 25 cents for crayon drawings at my make-shift art gallery (I obviously thought VERY highly of my work!). If you would have told me that I would some day be making quilts and sewing my own clothes I don’t think I would have believed you, but here I am!
I dabbled in some sewing when I was a kid but it didn’t ever stick, until 2016. My mom was taking a few old sewing machines to get serviced, she asked if I wanted one when they’re done - I said why not! BUT, I started looking into sewing projects, discovered the amazing community and got super eager to give it a shot. So eager that I went and bought a new sewing machine since my mom was taking too long… (I’m so patient, I know.)
Ever since that day, I’ve been glued to my sewing machine!
I now specialize in modern quilting, occasionally sewing other garments to build my handmade wardrobe.
When I’m not sewing you’ll find me obsessing over my two pups, casting on a knitting project that I’ll never finish, or eating something spicy.
Is it even worth eating something that doesn’t make you sweat??