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Step 1


Help Video: How to Cut Out Your Appliqué Pieces

We’ll start by cutting out our applique pieces. Grab a template and place it on top of the corresponding fabric. The letter will be used to reference placement and corresponding fabric with the appliqué placement PDF, which will be found on the page you landed on after scanning the QR code in your kit. The number will be the quantity you are cutting.


Using the fabric pencil, trace all the way around the template, onto the fabric. Get your scissors and cut about 1/4”-1/2” away from the line you just drew - this extra space is called a seam allowance.

(Some of the kits have a small piece that is cut out of white fabric - you can use pencil to trace these pieces so you can see the line!)

Repeat with all of the templates in the amounts shown on each piece.


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